Cat litter

Not a sexy topic, but I just wanted to share my experience with you because a really good cat litter is a must for me, and well, I went through a lot to find the best, in my opinion! I fostered a kitten and she became pregnant before her appointment to get spayed, I was then fostering 7 cats! That put me in the market for the very best cat litter out there. I was determined to find the most efficient, clean, and organic litter available. I read so many promises about “the best” cat litter, tried them all, and threw a lot away. I had two litter boxes going at the same time which was great because I could try out two brands side by side to see the litter my cats preferred.

I will start with the worst type and that is clay, anything with clay in it is disgusting. Clay does not absorb the urine. The urine goes right through the litter, makes a muddy mess on the bottom, it sticks to their paws and they wipe that s*it everywhere. I don’t know why the clay litter makes their urine so much more powerful but be careful… it will knock your head back! Through research, I discovered clay can not absorb urine.

I also do not like any with a fragrance. Trying to cover up the smell of feces does not work, just scoop the poop!

Now for my reveal! My favorite litter is Sustainably Yours by petfive. It’s sustainable, it’s made from corn and cassava and it is the best clumping litter in the world. It absorbs like nobody’s business, stays dry, and it absorbs the ammonia smell! I am telling you to give this stuff a try. If you do please let me know what you think.

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The Ultimate Gift Buying Guide

Gift buying is one of the services we do at Blink, especially during the holidays. I have been introduced to a lot of great items because of that service. So I am building this page of great gift ideas to make it easy on your next gift purchase. I hope it helps!

I discovered this candle at one of my clients, as soon as I walked in, I fell in love with the smell of her home! It is very robust even though the label says “light magnolia scent.” It makes your home feel sexy and beautiful.

And you have to get the spray to go with it!

These bamboo sheets were gifted to me, they are so airy and soft! I don’t know if I love the feel of them more or because they do not wrinkle one bit!

I am so happy I found this belt! I have used the armband for phones for years and I do not like them, I have to fasten them so tight to stay up on my arm. This belt is great for someone who walks a lot for exercise or is on a college campus. It holds my iPhone, my key fob, and my pepper spray!

I first had the Magic Bullet, but it did not hold up for my household, me and my three teenagers = all mochachocolata smoothies! I upgraded to the Nutribullet Pro, and I am impressed! I use it for all kinds of preparations; grinding coffee beans, making sauces, grinding spices, pastes, it is very handy! I have to replace the cups yearly because the little plastic notches brake from so much use, but they are inexpensive to replace. ūüôā

I live in Dallas, Texas, and our water tastes and smells like chlorine; it’s bad, really bad! This Berkey filtration system is the bomb! It completely takes the smell and the chemical taste out of the water. It is amazing!

The stand is a perfect fit and ties in nicely with it.

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The Secret to Healthy Home Cooked Meals

The secret to healthy home cooked meals, as in every successful adventure, is planning! You either spend time or waste time AND money. If you are going to make your own home cooked meals with your heart and body in mind, then you have to sit down and map out a weekly meal plan with grocery shopping, preparation, and clean-up in mind. This is exactly what I have to do when I cook for my clients. I first start with 2 or 3 meals, then with the remaining proteins and vegetables from those first meals, I come up with 2 or 3 more meals.    This eliminates waste on groceries and no more fun-sucking, time-consuming, uneventful grocery store trips 3-5 times a week.

Tip‚Ķ.. I purchase garlic by the 2 lb bags.  To keep it from spoiling, I puree or chop it in a food processor with olive oil and freeze in batches so I rarely need to chop garlic.